Friday, August 1, 2008


Hey, Everybody!

Alan Coil's first post here. He won't be posting a lot, but he will be here regularly, and will be making comments both snide, wise, and witty. (Both?)

Alex is a friend of Alan Coil. He is also the only person Alan has met online who was brave enough to let Alan enter his home. Alan has shared meals with a few others, but none has opened their home to him.

What does Alan Coil do? He reads comics. Lots and lots of comics. He reads new comics and old. He sometimes re-reads a comic or series. He just re-read Watchmen. He watches movies, sometimes in the theaters. He watches dvds. He listens to music, sports talk radio, and the sounds of nature. And he hangs out on the internet.

What does Alan Coil look like? His worst nightmare. Hopefully you will never have that nightmare. Babies are stunned silent by the sight of him. Women who see him join nunneries. Rabbits stop reproducing.

What does Alan Coil do for a living? Nothing. Alan Coil is a deadbeat. August 1st is the start of Alan Coil's second year of being a deadbeat. He is enjoying about 6 hours of every day, and is bored most of the rest of the day.

Will Alan Coil always post in this pretentious manner. Alan Coil certainly hopes not, as Alan Coil finds it most annoying.

Have a great weekend! Here's wishing you Good Health!


alex-ness said...

Alan Coil I know is nowhere near frightening in look nor manner. He is bright and that does scare some people.

He also has a fist that is the size of a canned ham. A big canned ham.

Justin said...

I like Alan Coil. I have run into his comments on the Tony MB and Comics Worth Reading. Alan Coil has made me miss how I also used to reread comics and such a lot more than now. Of course, now I have much more choice in the matter.

Alan Coil is a very likeable deadbeat, which means I will like what he has to say just fine.