Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Horror being brought from the US to Europe

No we are not sending Roseanne Barr to Europe...

This is a press release from Hart D. Fisher's company, the same fellow who is bringing Joe Monk's THE BUNKER to European television and thereafter I hope to the US. Unlike my previous post regarding Joe Monks, who I respect and adore, I know neither John Specht nor Hart D. Fisher, (although I know Fisher by reputation). However, I think this is nonetheless interesting and I will look forward to seeing how it grows.

JOHN SPECHT JOINS AMERICAN HORRORS St. Louis filmmaker joins the new American Horrors production team

LOS ANGELES, CA- Crime Pays, Inc. founder and president, Hart D. Fisher has announced the latest addition to his American Horrors television production team, St. Louis, Missouri's most successful independent filmmaker, John "Insaniac" Specht. "John brings a hunger and vision to filmmaking that sets him apart from the rest of the herd," Says series producer Hart D. Fisher. "Through John, and other filmmakers like him, I intend to bring my production dollars and television exposure to the heartland of America where the blood is thicker and hearts beat stronger." Currently on location in St. Louis filming a one hour mini-feature for the new European television program, Project 22: Savage Breed, Mr. Specht was very excited to be a part of the American Horrors team. "I've been a fan of Hart Fisher's work and his publishing company Boneyard Press for a long time, for me to be his first round draft pick for his new European television series, that's a real honor," Says Specht. "My entire team is humming and ready to show the world what we can do. This is exactly what I've been working towards." Fisher is currently seeking out more indie filmmakers, feature films, shorts and horror-themed music videos for broadcast on American Horrors. For those interested in obtaining more information on American Horrors or wishing to submit their work for review contact them at: this link.


Steve Chaput said...

This is good news. As I have written in my personal blog I'm a big fan of horror. I have been reading what used to be called 'dark fantasy' since I was in highschool and have been a fan of horror films since before then. Hell, I was one of those kids who made FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND a big seller back in the day and would never miss an episode of CHILLER THEATER on late Saturday night.

Sadly, my cable provider doesn't carry American Horrors, but I'm hooked on FEARnet (where they are currently showing the sequel to 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, DUST TO DUST, in installments.

alex-ness said...

I think good horror is fun. I do not like gore so much, but what the hell.