Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To the Readers and Blog writers: A Question

What Music Groups or individual artists do you most listen to?


alex-ness said...

I am unable to leave a list of favorites as everytime I listen to a new band it seems I widen my interests...

So in no order whatsoever:

Waylon Jennings
Johnny Cash
The Clash
As I Lay Dying
The Smashing Pumpkins
Kate Bush
Peter Gabriel
Billie Holiday
Marvin Gaye
Cat Stevens
The Barleyshakes
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
The Smiths
Husker Du
ok there are so many more
brain hurts
Regina Spektor
Amy Winehouse
Lily Allen


Neil said...

I have a Music Log Blog at
where I list what I do listen to. I also run the Kinks internet mailing list
and am on Moody Blues, ELO and the Move mailing lists. In addition to them I probably most listen to
The Killers
Bruce Springsteen
The Smithereens
Elvis Costello
The Beach Boys
The Beatles (together and solo)
They Might Be Giants
Van Morrison
Cheap Trick
Simon and Garfunkel (together and solo)
Tom Petty
Fountains of Wayne

Steve Chaput said...

To be honest I rarely listen to contemporary music at all, unless driving with my wife or at home. At those times she chooses the music, generally Streisand, Celene Dion or Josh Groban.

While driving alone I will most often simply turn to either a Classical Music station or one of the local college stations which play jazz. At work I will go online to, which I discovered while working in Connecticut.

I do have a half dozen CDs my car which I will sometimes pop in.

In Season: The Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Anthology

The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1

Endless Summer: The Beach Boys

The Beatles: 1962-1966

Jazz: an anthology from Columbia I picked up several years ago at a yard sale.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (the movie soundtrack)

Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either.

Derek Handley said...

Looking at my iTunes, I can see that the songs I've played most frequently are by:
Alison Goldfrapp
The Cowboy Junkies
The Dandy Warhols
Dead Can Dance
The Decemberists
Diana Krall
Die Toten Hosen
The Killers
Kylie Minogue
Maroon 5
New Order
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Pixies
Rufus Wainwright

I thought that would be the most interesting way to check what I listen to, because I often think people subconsciously self-edit when they try to come up with their list of favorite artists off the top of their head. I certainly wouldn't have thought Calexico or Maroon 5 were among the top played artists on my hard drive, and I probably wouldn't have thought of Kylie either.

What made you think of the question, Alex?

alex-ness said...

I think music often reveals much of our soul, so when I thought I wonder what Bob or Derek or anyone here plays, it is a desire to know them better.

Derek Handley said...

Well said! Musical taste is a reflection of personality, certainly.

It would be interesting to work out where the overlaps lie. I also like Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, but I don't have any of their music here - it's on cassette back in Poland. Cat Stevens was such a part of my childhood - I have a hankering to listen to him now that I've been reminded of him thanks to your comment!

Brynna said...

J-pop and soundtracks

Anonymous said...

Customer: Hi, do you have the song "I Just Called To Say I Love You?" It's for my daughter's birthday.

Barry: Yea we have it.

Customer: Great great... Well, can I have it?

Barry: No, you can't.
Customer: Why not?!

Barry: Because it's sentimental tacky crap that's why. Do we look like a store that sells "I Just Called to Say I Love You"? Go to the mall!

Customer: What's your problem?!

Barry: Do you even know your daughter? There's no way she likes that song! Oh oh oh wait! Is she in a coma?

alex-ness said...

I found Korn's very best for 7 bucks new. So I bought it.

I am really amazed when new music is cheap. It almost seems like downloading has made music for non downloaders available for cheap.

I could be wrong though.