Saturday, September 13, 2008

Consider attending this convention, of popular culture

(Please click the image to read the print more easily.)

I will be there, selling works of my own, and review books that I have reviewed, and my own purchased works that I am now selling.


Alan Coil said...

If it is in Minnesota AND you are in attendance, then I am sure it will be a Smellacon. ;)

But seriously, I attended one of these several years ago and had a great time. It is big enough so you can spend hours there, yet small enough if you only have an hour or two to spare. Plus the size means you can spend more than 1 minute talking to every creator you wish to meet.

alex-ness said...

well last year's convention was so hot and humid it did stink, but this year's is three times larger a space, with more retailers and more guests, and a crossbreeze because it is on the second floor of a grandstand. If it is cold they can shut those doors, but if hot at least their will be a breeze, from what I've been told. (Then again, I am often wrong.)

I am not altogether sure who is on the guest list because some people are coming who are not on the list and I was told the guest list is huge but looking at the site not so much more than before but still very good. Maybe I will be surprised.

I am actually rather prepared this year, I have a display, an outlook, I only now need product.

alex-ness said...

there will be a breeze, not their

damn brain...

Alan Coil said...

A breeze in your brain? That explains a lot!