Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He has answered your question, and yes, he is Gay...

Clay is gay , Others are as well

It might seem odd that a site that is about the foundations of popular culture, through myth and arts and politics, and the like would discuss the announcement that a singer of some popularity is gay. Clay Aiken is gay. He announced it in an interview and all the hounds that have been chasing him can now search for another target. It is news in that by announcing that he is gay another popular culture figure comes from a world unlike the center, the mass of culture. But that doesn't change his voice, his views, his value does it? No. Whatever made him able to sing so well prior will continue. Will he be able to play the role of a macho male in a film with violence and testosterone supreme? Well no, probably not, but he really couldn't prior. However, many people who are GLBTI can cross many boundaries and do many things. It shouldn't be a surprise.

But the point here is two things, one it is news. That suggests that people from different sexual or gender orientation are outside of the mainstream in the mainstream's views. Rightly or wrongly, that is. Whatever the mainstream thinks is not necessarily truth, say for instance when the normative behavior in Nazi run Germany was to serve and participate in government, the military and the general society well knowing that Jews were hated, and that is not a normal moral behavior. Mainstream does not mean correct, it means felt or thought by many.

Secondly, we exist in a world that is moving beyond the past considerations of normal. I am not a fan of Clay Aiken's music, but to suggest that he is anything but wildly talented is foolish. He could very well continue to sell millions of CDs despite what used to be considered a career killer. He can thank others who walked in his steps before him, but it nonetheless required courage to step out of the darkness of privacy and secrecy and into the bright lights of society.

I am not saying anything about the morality of Clay Aiken, because in my mind morality is about decision making, and sexual orientation is about who we are drawn towards and romantically love. Far too many people do not understand that human quotient, that when it is boiled down, we are talking about a private, and heartfelt aspect of humanity. When Clay Aiken chose to evade prior questions about his sexuality he said that it was a private matter and a question that at its root is rude to ask. I agree.

So let us move forward. Next question?


Alan Coil said...

Also, Lindsay Lohan has confirmed she is dating the female DJ she has been hanging with.

And none of this is really important in the big picture---are we going to be a country 5 years from now? Is the Earth going to be a viable planet in 20 years?

alex-ness said...

It is important to the people who share their lives, but beyond that, it should be up to them to decide who knows what. The situation with Clay Aiken was he kept getting asked and asked and asked and to me that is just mean.

kurt wilcken said...

Here I thought Clay Aiken's secret was that he was really played by Martin Short.

Have you ever seen the two of them together at the same time?

Derek Handley said...

Well said, all.

The mean badgering aside, it just shouldn't be news. There's no justification to any of this celebrity obsessive pseudo-journalism.

alex-ness said...

Orientation is news only because of the proclivities of those who seek gotcha news.