Monday, May 25, 2009

Kitty Wigs! Why Not?

Cats are simply amazing creatures. Even the most "run of the mill" house cat has some mystique behind it. Every cat owner, at some point, will find themselves staring in disbelief thinking, "How did you get up there?" or "How did you that that?" or "What happened?" This is simply the joy of being a cat owner. And of course we all know the word "owner" is used loosely. As you’re really just the person who pays the bills, buys the food, and scoops the poop. Regardless of your situation, you’ll no doubt agree that your kitty is a blessing (even if it scratches the couch, vomits in your shoes, and occasionally takes a crap in the bathtub!).

The past few years have found people using Fluffy not only as a pet, but also as a medium for artwork – albeit of the hilarious photographic variety. Unless you’ve spent some time living under a rock, you’ve heard of two popular websites: and Both websites encourage you to snap funny, but safe, pictures of your kitty. Stuff On My Cat offers a variety of photos in which people have stacked strange things on their cats – usually leading to a good chuckle. I Can Has Cheezburger on the other hand offers a way to add funny captions to photos of cats already doing crazy things. This gives you the chance to speculate on exactly what Fluffy was thinking as he flew head first into the wall, chasing the flashlight. They've even branched out into other things like "LOLDogs" and All these websites offer at least a couple minutes of real entertainment and CONTSANTLY updated content means you’ll want to come back. Both are clever business opportunities with rewarding results.

However, cat humor has one more unexplored frontier. There is one more concept yet undeveloped. Two words for you, my feline loving friends: Kitty Wigs. We’re not making poor Fluffy into a wig… that would just be wrong. We’re talking about making a wig FOR your kitty. I know what you’re saying… "My cat isn’t balding though!" However, the makers of Kitty Wigs (at point out that a wig for your kitty will provide hours of quality time for both you and the cat! Your custom made kitty wig even comes in a cute tin for safe keeping! Multiple colors and styles are available for the discerning kitty (or crazed kitty "owner"). Your kitty will look ready to hit the dance clubs in Electric Blue! Or for a more refined look, the Silver Fox will make the boy cats say "Ooh-La-La!" Just be sure your Kitty Wig is stored in it’s tin during down times – we don’t want Fluffy getting a hold of it!

Funny approach aside, this is a very unique idea. I applaud the two women who founded this product and website. They came up with a new product that people WILL spend money on! We've all seen the weird cat furniture (my kitties don't need Ikea!) and goofy toys that you play with more then the cats! But wigs? That's just plain different. Though I doubt they’ll be quitting their day jobs anytime soon. With a price tag like $50.00 a pop, it’s a pretty expensive "cat toy" that really isn’t even a "cat toy." In addition, I’d like a show of hands as to how many people have cats that would actually LET them strap a wig to their head… I thought as much. However, as stated before, there’s something to be said for good old fashioned American ingenuity. If there are stores dedicated to clothes for dogs… then for felines I say, "Let them have wigs!"

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