Friday, May 15, 2009

Racist popular culture... even OK by some


Would a team named the San Francisco Slanted Eyes be ok?
How about the The New York Negro? Or Brooklyn Black Skins?
How about the Kansas City Kikes? Harrington Honkies?

Why is the name REDSKINS ok and not racist?

Because the overall majority of the culture doesn't care about the feelings of the Native People.

Sports is entertainment, Entertainment is part of culture, popular culture.

And yet, racism is ok there.

Hmmmm... discuss this amongst yourselves while I go get a dictionary...

Redskins Not considered racist?


Ande DuLac said...

Great point. If there was a team called the Hoboken Homos, you can be sure it would get changed REALLY quick.

A very sad fact about a good chunk of the American public...

alex-ness said...

thanks, and yeah, it is amazing that whatever popculture declares to be sacrosanct it becomes such, however stupid that might be.