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I had the great fortune to receive a product in the mail from WorryWoos, a maker of plush animals and story books. I do not have a child the age who’d be into this but, I certainly would have had one 6 years ago... The toy line is perfect for children, the plush animals personify a worry, and the story will help comfort them. The more I see in this world with people in pain, children in crisis from circumstances and bad parents, I worry. This is a product that deserves credit on my different levels, it is fine quality, it is tender and sweet, it is fun, it is pretty.

Now, we could spend time worrying over kids, and thinking is this going to solve all the problems I allude towards, but the answer is obviously not. But if someone is in pain, and you can alleviate that pain, isn’t that a good thing? I say it is.

This product is perfect for kids, and I give it my whole hearted thumbs up, well as much as my arthritic thumbs can point upward.


(May 1,2009- Jersey City, New Jersey,) Worry announced today that beginning May 1, 2009 there will be a new monthly contest at Participants are asked to send in their artistic rendition of their own WorryWoo monster for monthly entry into a drawing for one WorryWoo book and plush doll of their choosing! While yes this contest is intended for children, the young of heart are welcome as well. All submissions should be sent via email to or by USPS mail to, P.O. Box 273, Jersey City NJ 07302. The first winner will be announced June 1, 2009 and all participants artwork will be posted on the website regularly.

Andi Green, WorryWoos Creator explains, “So many people are having such a tough time and kids are like little walking sponges. They take all the stress and fear in regardless of age and they simply don’t know how to handle it. This is our little way of helping everyone vent! And seriously, what could be better then making monsters?” The existing worry woo monsters can be see in the product section of the

To sign up for the WorryWoos mailing list at this address.

For more information on the product line, visit WORRY WOOS. For terms on carrying the WorryWoos product line email

About Worry

The Worry Woo Monsters, a series by Andi Green, was first seen in a New York City art exhibition in 2001. Originally called The Monsters in My Head, Green wanted to create characters with a story that each embodied an emotion. From loneliness to confusion, she began tackling complicated feelings and transformed them into quirky, loveable characters. Her message of “embrace your emotions” received such a positive response, she was asked by many if she ever considered turning her single art pieces into storybooks. In 2002 she began to expand her concept, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she decided to publish and produce her new collection. The Worry Woos have won multiple awards and can be found in toy stores, specialty gift stores, and museum stores nationwide including the renowned MOMA gift shop.

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worry woos rule i have every on and al the books are sighned by andi green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1