Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Young Turks! Funny and in touch

If you haven't located them over on YouTube or on the 'net already, I strongly suggest that you take a peek at The Young Turks when you have a chance. TYT is a progressive talkshow, which broadcasts streaming on the web. They also have much of the show broken up into segments (generally five minutes or more) over on YouTube, so you can get a hint of what they are before sitting through an entire broadcast.

I discovered the site during the election last year and have been hooked since.

Cenk Uygur is the host of The Young Turks, and you may have seen him show up on MSNBC a few times commenting on politics. He's a very, funny guy, but you have to see him unedited to really get a feel for the show. His trademark, "Of course!!" really has to be heard, with the full eye-rolling and hand gestures. Also, be forwarned that the the broadcast (both on YouTube and on their site) is for adults. If you have trouble with those seven words the late, George Carlin made famous, you might not want to tune in at work (at least, not without headphones).

I really recommend that you give the show a chance and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Unless you're one of those right-wing types Cenk & Company go after everyday!

Oh, and while the lovely, Ana Kasparian is Cenk's frequent co-host, the Turks certainly enjoy showing us super-models and other lovely ladies without much apparel. Some screen shots and video might not be "workplace friendly" as they say. :-)

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Mikhail Silverwood said...

The Young Turks are excellent. It's so good to have a politically leftwing talk show that is funny and entertaining.

Cenk is willing to attack the Democrats from the left, and is opposed to both wars. Hence, I'm a big fan of his politics and his ideas.

Unfortunatley, there are some issues that TYT are too moderate. It annoys me that they back away and not attack the issue.

On the economy, after they saw Michael Moore's latest movie, Cenk started defending capitalism. He ignores the facts that capitalism is an evil system and must be disposed of.

Whenever the issue of nationalism comes up, Cenk will go all patriotic, saying how wonderful America is. He ignores the fact that America has a long history of horrific, violent, oppression; billions of people have died because of American military, economic and social policy.

Same goes for Ana. She's a liberal, which makes her lots of fun and I enjoy her work (sometimes she's too quiet on the show; I wish she were louder and more enforcing). But she too will go all moderate when a radical leftwing is in the room.