Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TIGER in the outhouse

Fallen idols never seem to recover, but think of this fact, Tiger Woods is being assailed for private behavior and is losing money for image, none of which have anything to do, with the thing he built his empire around, his game. I am not a fan of Golf, I find it rather boring in fact. But it isn't like he used steroids to improve his abilities, nor cheated to achieve a better score. He acted foolishly in his personal life.

I consider sports a part of mass culture, popular culture then by extention. A person like Tiger Woods can be seen on television selling products, and making money. But if he were to disappear from those commercials, and just play golf, he'd still be rich, more so than 98% of the world's population. I find it hard to summon sadness for his loss of income.


alex-ness said...

And for the record I'd like to just say that I don't give a shit how many women, what race of women, or what moral standing of women Tiger Woods has banged. I really don't care about him or golf.

nilskidoo said...

Next time, he should just rape.

Then he'd keep his career AND his wife. Just like Kobe Bryant.

alex-ness said...

My Sarcasm barometer just went off the charts

nilskidoo said...

I'm so bad.

Alan Coil said...

Tigers Woods crashed his vehicle, destroying public property.

Tigers Woods received a ticket, and, I assume, will pay the ticket.

That's all I care about in this story.

He only owes an explanation to his wife, his kids, and probably to him mom.

Anything else is just dust in the wind.