Thursday, January 28, 2010


JD Salinger Dies

A creative talent and his work... JD Salinger wrote, made an impact and then refused to be drawn into public, for praise, criticism, or further work. He was then labeled a recluse, an enigma and other terms. In a sense, he let his work speak for itself. However, by refusing to create more for public consumption and refusing to be a public figure, he elevated the importance of his work, letting all interpretations be left to their own design. Rewards, financial and critical are generally thought to be the reward an artist seeks. So what of Salinger?

I say his reward will be the fact that his work will exist and endure beyond his life, due to his refusal to become the author of it, more than he was in fact the steward of it. He lived a long life so I am not saying he should still live, damn the shortness of existence, but literature circles will always wonder what could have been had he chosen to contribute more to their worlds.


msunyata said...

So runs the world away.

alex-ness said...

interesting thing to follow up with