Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Dreamer


The Dreamer Graphic Novel is a finalist in the 2009 Cybils Awards

(Columbus, OH) –January 25, 2010 -- Lora Innes’s THE DREAMER, a romantic and rich story told with well-researched historical accuracy, has captured the hearts of young minds becoming a finalist in the 2009 Cybils awards.

The Cybil’s awards are unique in that the goal is to show the insight of the community of Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers for book related products. The awards are given to those products that show kid appeal doesn’t have to lose substance. The Dreamer has also been nominated in the 2009 Harvey awards for Best New Talent and Best New Series.

THE DREAMER tells the story of seventeen-year-old Beatrice Whaley, a student who begins having vivid dreams about a brave and handsome soldier named Alan Warren, a member of an elite group known as Knowlton’s Rangers that fought during the Revolutionary War. Prone to keeping her head in the clouds, Bea welcomes her nightly adventures in 1776. But it is not long before Beatrice questions whether her dreams are simply dreams…or something more.

THE DREAMER captures the history of Revolutionary War figures---Captain Nathan Hale, Lt. Col. Thomas Knowlton, General William Howe and Private Frederick Knowlton---with such richness and accuracy you’ll think you’re actually in 1776.

THE DREAMER, an ongoing monthly series, is now available in its first trade paperback collection, THE DREAMER: THE CONSEQUENCE OF NATHAN HALE, Part 1 (ISBN: 978-1600104657, $19.95).

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