Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who do you serve?

NINE INCH NAILS and TRENT REZNOR demonstrate reality through art. Some listeners and critics consider the song HEAD LIKE A HOLE to be about Bondage, or S&M, others about some political force, or religious force, but in reality, the opening line, bow down before the one you serve is stark reality. We all believe in something, and to paraphrase and semi-quote Neil Peart from Rush, choosing not to choose still means you've made a choice. So is it money, power, religious faith, ecstasy, control, conformity that you bow down to?

There is a common belief that at heart most people are self interested. But that doesn't really amount to getting at who do they serve. For if we all our similarly self interested, we all do not follow or bow down before the same master. And, sometimes, even if people are selfish, they do not benefit themselves by being so. In the field of history it is most often accepted that while peasants are said to be rebellious and ready to organize against the government, the peasants on the whole are more conservative in their nature than any form of government they might oppose.

Creativity is a way people express themselves, and, some are fulfilled by that. But is that a power greater than ourselves that we serve? Maybe...

Life offers some people few options, the poorer one is the less viable options he or she will have. So do we choose the object of our service, or, are we cast into service by a lack of choices?

If you choose to escape reality by drugs or some form of fantasy, does it not mean you've still, nonetheless, responding to your existing world? If so, haven't you then ceded control over to the forces of the world you dislike, or fear?

You can get out of the thing called life as early as you make the decision and act upon in. But, if that results in something worse, does that power in fact help you?

Money gives you options in life. By having money you have more choices to make. I am not suggesting we all serve money, but, money is such an enormous beast, one you cannot escape, that, at best you can ignore it, but you cannot deny its existence.

I don't have a point beyond saying, in making this song, and, video, NIN and Trent Reznor reflected the world, it showed us a portion of our being, and by doing so, raises many questions.

Who do you serve?

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