Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman, star of Diff'rent Strokes, dead

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The oft recounted tragedy of a child star's life is not that they didn't remain a star, but of how their lives went awry in the absence of stardom, or, how they were abused during their stardom by people who should have cared for them, rather than seeking to make money from them.

Gary Coleman faced a lot of problems in life, his health was bad, he was used as a money making vehicle for family, and he was keenly aware that the people who saw him remembered him not for his wit, or abilities, but for his time as an actor on a comedy show. There are many different stories of his struggles to be alive in a quiet existence, but his life didn't allow him to fade away gently, or quietly.

I liked Diff'rent Strokes when I was younger, but now I see it as a facade covering some sad people's lives.

Farewell Gary Coleman, I hope wherever you are now you enjoy your existence more than you did this one.


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RIP Gary

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RIP Gary...

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