Monday, May 10, 2010

A great artist passes away

Frank Frazetta lived a full life, doing great work. But the selfish instinct we have is to desire him around to continue to paint. Rest in Peace Mr. Frazetta, we wish that you had never passed behind the veil.


kurt wilcken said...

My wife, Lute is a big Frazetta fan and posted this on her Live Journal:

"Frazetta was responsible for my introduction into science fiction. His lush cover art on my father's Edgar Rice Burroughs collection was enough incentive to spark my imagination and incite me to finally love reading as a kid."

alex-ness said...

Frazetta and a number of other great artists, Jeffrey Jones, Michael Whelan, and more, put an image to a work that made me want to read it. So I completely understand what she is saying.

Rest in Peace FF, and condolences to your family.