Friday, January 21, 2011

when angry speech is entertainment

Not for any good reason, Keith Olbermann, a political voice, on MSNBC was fired from his highly rated show COUNTDOWN by NBC's new owner COMCAST. He will make 7 million dollars a year to not work for the next two years left upon his contract.

Keith Olbermann was not my favorite newsman, not my favorite deliverer of critique of government, and not in any way, shape, or form someone I'd like to meet. I find him to be wrong many different times factually but where my dislike for him occurs is for his anger, and his choice to attack the enemy versus debate the enemy. The left complains about the attack media on the right, with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and others, but really, the left and right, for whatever purpose, both sound a lot a like, when you turn the volume down. They are simply noise. I have long thought that Bill O'Reilly, and Keith Olbermann should be trapped nude in a small cage with hundreds of hungry and aggressive weasels and allowed to wrestle for the chance to escape. The loser being fed to the weasels, the winner being shot and pissed on.

They both represent thinly sliced baloney, they both are politically motivated, not truth motivated, and they both have an agenda that isn't good. They seek, like whores, affection and money, and attention and fame. With Olbermann gone, all I can say is, O'Reilly I hope you are next. For the record, both sides are full of it, and we need to escape this before we can solve the most difficult issues in America.


nilskidoo said...

Do not dare drag baloney down to their level. Do not dare.

alex-ness said...

I apologize, you are right, Bologna is fantabulous. Bullshit is smelly and evil.

kurt wilcken said...

I remember a while back Charles Grodin had his own commentary show. I've always like Grodin as an actor, and he's always been entertaining doing Anger. His show co-incided with the O.J. Simpson trial which gave him a good deal to be angry about. When the verdict came down and the trial ended, Grodin floundered around for a week or two; without O.J., he didn't really have a comparable source of injustice to build up a good rage over. His show just kind of dwindled away.

I think Keith Olbermann has a bit in common with Grodin. Personally, I have occasionally enjoyed Keith's commentary; but his "Worst Person in the World" segments quickly became repetititve for me. And after a while, it seemed like Outrage was his schtick. I think he realized this was true, too, because from the beginning he decided that his "Special Comments" would not be a regular feature; if he did them too often, they would cease to be "Special". And there have been a few instances in this past year or so where he has publicly apologised for remarks he made on his show.

But although I didn't watch Keith regularly, I'm glad he was there. He's been a strong, progressive voice in an area generally dominated by conservatives, and where even the Democratic pundits lean mostly on the "Centrist" side. I hope he finds a place for that voice in the future where he can continue to use his Outrage as a Force for Good.

alex-ness said...

I guess, while I find your response very reasonable, I think you don't actually defeat a fool when you resort to the fool's method of argument. Yes the right wing has many representatives, and, for the most part, I think them buffoons. But the moment the left wing responds in kind, every bit of high ground is lost. I think Jesus had a righteous anger. I think Olbermann has/had a opportunist anger. You cannot debate by throwing stones. You just fight.