Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Reality about people making Fantasy

Charlie Sheen is an actor, of some ability, who is a handsome, bright, talented human being. He makes many people laugh.

Actor Charlie Sheen is addicted to cocaine and other drugs. He has gone on benders, wherein he consumes large quantities of drugs, illegally acquired. He purchases the services of women, for sexual pleasure and company. He spends more money on such women and drugs in one year than I will make, in the entire of my lifetime. And he works on the television show Two and a Half Men on CBS, who employs Sheen despite his many legal issues and his failure to quit his destructive lifestyle. The only thing that could stop his lifestyle other than personal restraint or death, would seem to be the stoppage of payment from CBS, but the show is very popular. He is not in danger, apparently, of losing his job, for his destructive behavior. Because CBS makes money from his performance, and won't cancel the show.

CBS is not responsible for Sheen's behavior. Nor, apparently is Sheen.

So continue to enjoy Two and a Half Men, at least until Sheen dies, if not in reruns and syndication, where CBS will continue to make a great deal of money.

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