Monday, March 14, 2011

A Brief note: Entertainment that Changed Culture

In 1947 Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first African American to do so in the modern era. His play changed the luck of the Dodgers, and they won the World Series of 1955.

Baseball is considered sport, I understand, but it is, like any paid performance, an aspect of entertainment. I think it is good to remember that, because people get lost in the arguments of value of sports, and the value of entertainment, without really understanding how each works in popular culture.

Some consider sports to be metaphors, with baseball a match of wits and skills, whereas football is a war without killing. I consider sports to be reality events. The outcome is unknown, and if you enjoy the sport you are able to become part of the story, at least in your mind.

Jackie Robinson changed America by his entering the major leagues of American Baseball. Race relations had a long way to go, in sport and beyond, but it was that moment that we can see the world pivot, here in America. Because here we saw a man of talent, instead of man of black skin.

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