Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From the Sublime (Jackie Robinson) to the Ridiculous (Adrian Peterson)

As I praised Jackie Robinson and his suffering and sacrifice for the better of race relations and sports, I now am forced to give an amazing counterpoint, by someone who is not qualified to have said what he did.


No one assumes, I think that Football players are more cerebral than other sports players. They are like any walk of life, with bright folks and stupid folks. And all those that fall in between. But Minnesota Vikings Running back, Adrian Peterson, who made 3, 640, 000 dollars in 2010 from his work in the NFL, during the 2010 season, has compared the work system in the NFL to modern day slavery. For doing this he demonstrates his ignorance.

I suggest he read some books and learn what slavery really was. Because he has already made more money, in his first four seasons, than my dad would have in four lifetimes.

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