Monday, March 21, 2011

ROBOTIKA Books 1 and 2 Reviewed

Books 1 and 2
Alex Sheikman
Published by Archaia

I’ve really lingered over this review. I lingered because I like Alex Sheikman very much, feel indebted to him for his work on my book A LIFE OF RAVENS and want to promote his work, in general, not just on Robotika. But I know people won’t understand what he has created, and I’ve been called a sycophant before when in fact I just like things enthusiastically.

The story thus far of Robotika is less about the characters, although they have various flaws and virtues, as it is a wonderful trip through a world that is no longer what it was, and never will be again, or will it. Three cybernetic, robotic samurai go through the vast wastes of the world, fighting and seeking to bring peace. They are on a journey that is in part spiritual, as in a quest for their own identity. They are on a physical journey that is through a brutally violent world, and thus their armored hearts and minds are imperative to survive. And lastly, they are actors upon a stage, where the creative talent, Alex Sheikman is showing us a world that only he could create, at the same time as paying homage to the westerns and French comics he no doubt absorbed and made into single form.

As such, let me say, that I love Robotika, I enjoy the zen like appeal of wandering the desert in search for more than just gold, or water. The zen qualities go beyond the theme, they exist in every aspect of this work. I find it to be a masterpiece of beautiful art, but, a true walk about in color and on paper that can only come off as insular, unless you’ve been there yourself.

I have been there. The quest for humanity, by robots, in a wasteland is inspiring to me.

Sheikman’s work is beautiful, read it for what it truly is, and you’ll get a lot out of it. I did.

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