Monday, June 27, 2011

Comic books, me and my son.

I hear people say that comic books as a medium are dying. They aren't but they are changing. The changing over from a print/paper format to internet and electronic copies is a change that is making uncertain many formerly strong companies' futures. But comics are better than they have ever been regarding the art, and for all the talk about bad writers in comics that I've heard on message boards and in person, the writing is more sophisticated and able than nearly any other period of time save perhaps the comic renaissance of the 1980s.

I love comics, and have loved sharing them with my son. He has now twice as many comics as I do, and due to a 4 day project of sorting, he has 450 comics that he is giving away. All throughout the days of sorting he was tired and crabby from working, but by the end he said I love comics, thank you for going through these with me. With every further stash sorted he grew more enthused. We also took in about 75 dollars from Half Price Books from sales of graphic novels and TPBs that we found we either had doubles of , or, that he'd grown out of them. It was a blessing to share with him these moments, and the money from the sales.

There isn't a moral to the story here, if you like comics you get what I am saying, it is the same with any hobby you share with your children or friends. The reward is not only a shared interest, but time together. Comics will never die, but they might well change. I am thankful I have these memories now, and he is already talking about sharing most of his comics with his own kids. Except for his Chuck Dixon box and his Teen Titans box. Those are not going anywhere.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Dreamer: The American Revolution Returns, from IDW



The Dreamer Volume 2 to release this November

Columbus, OH- June 6, 2011) The Dreamer Creator Lora Innes announced today that her publisher IDW will be releasing the second graphic novel collection of her award winning “The Dreamer” series in November of 2011. The Dreamer: Volume 2 (ISBN: 978-1-61377-031-3) will be 152 pages, full color at a suggested retail price of $19.99. The second volume follows the main character, 17-year-old Beatrice Whaley and her wildly vivid dreams about the American Revolution. After barely surviving a battle against the British Army in the first volume, she's relieved to find herself safely in the 21st century again. Determined to live a modern teens lifestyle she is confused when she falls asleep again and the dreams return. Bea and her Revolutionary friends must escape New York City under the watchful eye of the British Army and the tension of living two lives finally brings her to the breaking point.

Writer and Artist Innes explains, “IDW Publishing completely sold out of the first trade but there may be a few available online or on the shelves at your local retailer. If you missed it you can read the first book online for FREE at Having started out as a webcomic we know that the two formats aren't mutually exclusive. Our site is set up with all sorts of great additional stuff like historical short stories, The Dreamer store, and new updates to the online Dreamer story every Friday!”

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About IDW Publishing:
IDW is currently recognized as the fifth largest publisher of American comic books. In addition to their printed comics and graphic novels, IDW has more than 650 books in digital distribution across multiple partners and platforms. The company was initially known for horror comics, such as 30 Days of Night and Dark Days but now specializes in licensed properties like Dr. Who, G.I Joe and Star Trek.

About Lora Innes:
Lora Innes's The Dreamer has been nominated for three Harvey Awards including Best New Series, and Best New Talent for Innes herself. In 2010 it was a finalist in the Graphic Novel for Young Adults category in the CYBILS Awards, and it won the 2010 S.P.A.C.E. prize. She also co-hosts the Paper Wings Podcast, "The Show for Visual Storytellers" offering tips to aspiring artists and writers trying to break into the industry. Currently, Innes is working on a graphic novel tie-in for TO APPOMATTOX, an 8 part television mini-series about the Civil War, slated for release in 2013.