Monday, September 26, 2011

THE END well covered, in book form

I've written before about the massive amount of avenues to follow if you enjoy fiction at the end of the world. There are books, games, comics, video games, even music, and of course a vast number of religious television shows warning you what to do. From nuclear holocaust, to germ warfare, to endless war, to natural disasters, fiction has seen humanity die or struggle to stave off death in many ways.

The truth is, the world has issues now. There is debate but Global Climate change is a grave threat. Immune suppressing disease and overpopulation is a disaster of enormous scale waiting to happen. Germ and Nuclear warfare are able to wipe out vast numbers of human societies, and the cause of them can be State against State, Religious wars, Terrorist attacks and more unnamed. The calender of the Mayans ends in 2012 and if you are worried about it, there are others who are also worried. Some even suggest that a planet collision is possible... with attendant castastrophic end.

Some argue the end will occur without a cause but essentially entropy claiming the last of human progress, and chewing up societies by virtue of malaise and fear.

There are many authors and many outlooks that visit future societies in disarray. It is a ripe field that is bound to produce more scenarios of interest. But the most interesting aspect of this is not the thing itself, that is the disaster that ends it all. But rather, how humanity will struggle to overcome the shock to the system and whether that remnant will exist beyond the moment of crisis. Humanity is a seed, and it is possible humans have faced similar crisis in the past. Some scientists argue that a bottleneck in the human family occurred a long time ago in the past when breeding pairs were down to numbers in the hundreds. But as we know, when the chips are down and humans are required to mate, its usually possible to succeed.

I do not recommend dying. I surely think life is worth keeping. So don't see this genre as my way of saying Oh we are all doomed. I just think that it is an interesting genre, one that is growing, and as we face crisis similar to those in fiction, perhaps we can take some measure of hope that, even in the darkest of ages, we can overcome.

Thanks to Rich Chapell and Steve Olle for their assistance in my gathering books to share here, I appreciate their allowing me to pick their brains.

Oh and for the people who wonder where the Zombie stories are, I've tried to use illustrations of books that are within the realm of possible. Fiction though means doing whatever you can imagine, so, if you dig Zombies, break open the glass and pull out the shotgun, its time to go to work.

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