Saturday, September 17, 2011


There is a series of fantasy books that were once popular enough to remain in print, but in recent years have been considered, sexist or misogynistic. GOR by John Norman was a book revolving around the events and adventures upon a Counter-Earth, by Tarl Cabott and others. It was a setting of cultures similar to our own, but played off as having grown in a vacuum of no modern weapons or technology. So the Arabic setting was one where slaves and trades in the desert were the focus, where the Northern European warriors we called Vikings still roamed the seas. And, because there was no presence of an overtly moralizing group of people, or beliefs, there was no narrative voice telling the readers how to react. In the world of the present, that is considered deviant. So the books have become more rare, and the new editions have a markedly lower availability and poor distribution.

However, the author might well just being telling stories. He might not in fact be offering an alternative to reality, but simply writing fantasy. What a concept, writing stories without moral judgments for the reader to digest. I am herein suggesting that you seek these out, not because the writing is the best anywhere, but that they are good, and interesting, and while perhaps uncomfortably sexist, an honest portrayal of a world similar to but not identical to our own.

Webpage featuring the World of Gor

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