Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I've been telling you to read more. But do you listen?
No. You play your video games.

So reading can expand your vocabulary and reasoning mind.
Do you care?

But I am telling you, reading is good for you. All of it. Even the more difficult works, even the more mundane works. Reading grows your brain. Do you care?

Michael Moorcock writes dark stuff well, and his character Elric is chillingly well written. Elric is a magical sword wielding albino who can only be fully powerful doing the darkest of things, who is Emperor, but is a thinker, a poet, and dreary soul,

Oh you don't like dark? How about Corum, who is an imagining of a character placed into the Celtic mythos and still fantasy, but really strikingly authentic feeling.

So read this mind blowing stuff.

And check out the writer's website

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