Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reading? What the hell? Oh yeah, here is something for that

Fritz Leiber wrote works that were fun, well written, and interesting. His heroes were unique, humorous, courageous, and unwise. I strongly recommend them all.

More than Fritz Leiber though, I want to just say, I've seen on various social network profiles where people proudly state "I don't read". Now I get that some people have difficulty ready. I get that some people learn by doing, not by reading about such. But reading is how I learned that there was more to living, more to existence than I've experienced or ever could.


Share a book.

Encourage reading.

I fear a society that doesn't read.


Anonymous said...

Great tribute.

You are such a great writer and you've always have been.

By the way, It's me (Charlie Zero). I'm Back!

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~Charlie Z

alex-ness said...

thank you