Monday, September 26, 2011

Weird request: What Do I Watch on Television

I was asked what I watch on television. And it is an interesting question to me because the assumption is, most people watch a lot of television. But I don't. In fact, Reality television shows piss me off. I find them horribly done, uninteresting and focused upon the worst things of human existence.

Outside of cooking hows on PBS and the COOKING Channel I am pretty much not a watcher of television. It is distracting and I try to write. Andreas Viestad is a great chef, and the long missed Two Fat Ladies are still my favorites.

However, I do find myself entertained by ANCIENT ALIENS despite the fact that as a historian and a Christian I find the notion that "aliens" are responsible for nearly every single human advancement to be insulting. Also that the notion that Gods to the ancient humans were really aliens is somewhat insulting to the notion I have about God. Now, I still watch it. In the past I've read the works of Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin. But there is a difference between finding the story telling intriguing and thought provoking, and belief.

But, if you only watched or did what you know, or think like, how could you grow? Well on television I guess its a rare thing to expect that. Or is it? Am I just a snob?

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