Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of the Year, People gone, New paths begin

Thank you for reading this blog, for this year and past years. Even if you have only stopped in once or twice, I appreciate the time you've taken to read the content of this blog. There have been a number of people who have posted here and are no longer posting, we've friends here even die, R.I.P. Alan Coil, so with it being the end of the year I am just going to remark briefly about life, and passings.

Many people die every single year, and 2011 was of course no different. Some people dying are celebrities, famous, talented, creative, smart, others lived their lives in obscurity and a lack of fame, but lived every bit as good lives as the wealthy or famous, the talented or elite. We are all given a life, whatever else that comes with, and some of us are lucky, blessed, able, and others are not.

The two people who I mourned the most in passing were Amy Winehouse and Elizabeth Taylor. In the case of Amy Winehouse, some people believe that she dug her own grave, with various disorders and addictions. But most people I know who said that haven't an ounce of the vast ocean of talent Amy Winehouse had. I can't judge her for his mistakes, for her addictions... I can only listen to her music, and be amazed by the lush of her voice. I think creative forces in people sometimes work their way out in addictions, and self abuse. Amy Winehouse had great talent, but great sorrow. I miss what she'd have done if she'd lived.

Elizabeth Taylor lived an incredibly full life, she was famous, wealthy, beautiful, bright, and she took an effort, when seeing her male friends dying of mysterious disease to go forward and make A.I.D.S. research and awareness her top priority. Yeah, she was rich and famous and it didn't hurt her and she didn't give up a life of leisure, but she took the lives she loved and made them into a memory bracelet and took that to the US Congress and spoke there. I loved her, both as an actress, and passionate human being.

Obviously there are tragedies that mark this page, many die by their own deeds, addictions, foolishness, and for that we should be angry. We should mourn them for our loss, and wish they'd made better decisions, so that they'd still be here.

Along with the cherished and mourned, there are people who earned the scorn of humanity by their terrorist agendas, their cruel ways, and their choices to harm others. The world has a name for these people...


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