Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sphinx Group Announces Good Cause Initiative

(Chicago,IL- January 3, 2012) Sphinx Group announced today a new monthly initiative offering to distribute a press release or news blast for free that covers a person or cause that could be helped by added exposure. Sphinx's realm of press contacts range from Mommy Bloggers to Geek press and everything in between. Sphinx will edit your message and make sure that it is crafted to gain the maximum response. This will begin in January 2012 and all interested parties should send an email to lys@sphinxgroup.com with “Good Cause” in the subject line of their email.

“With over a thousand various press contacts the least we can do is help those in need”, explained Sphinx Group CEO, Lys Fulda. “We regularly work with folks like Reading With Pictures and Comic Creators for Freedom but we wanted to do more. In two short years, Comic Creators for Freedom helped raise fifteen thousand dollars to aid in awareness about human trafficking. It got me thinking about the change we could make in the world by helping good causes on a regular basis.”

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