Thursday, February 16, 2012


For the last couple years I've struggled to get people to respond to interview questions, interview requests, and the like. I used to do a lot of interviews and it was much more rewarding in many ways than the present. I am not stopping doing them, I am just saying, people don't much like reading promo, and that is all creative sorts seem to want to do.

One of the interview ideas I had was a massive tribute to Steve Ditko, as he is around my mother's age (85 or so) and has a huge legacy of work, he is loved by many. But rather than receive responses, only Mike Grell, God bless him, wrote in response. My fear was, and still is, that we have talented creators who are perhaps not active in the field, but still read online, still live life, still work on their own, and we might lose them. And Steve Ditko has such a great amount of talent, I thought he, or his fans or family, might enjoy hearing what the creative world thought of him.

Mike Grell's response was that the greatest legacy of Steve Ditko was Spider-Man, and that without his work on such, the non-iconic sort of hero might have taken much longer to appear. Ditko's characters embodied the intelligent but normal hero, not a God but a working man in costume.

So, absent of words about Ditko's work, or person, here are some images of him, his self portrait and his many creations.

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