Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End? Of the World as we know it?

And I feel fine.


Are utzijoxik wa‘e
k‘a katz‘ininoq,
k‘a kachamamoq,
k‘a kasilanik,
k‘a kalolinik,
katolona puch upa kaj.

Yes we wait. When Kukulkan returns, the serpent reaches the earth, the days will end, and the world begin anew.

Uh yeah.

So I am supposed to worry about the end of the world, according to some people who have read ancient books and calendars and found that the Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012.

Well let me tell you something.  I don't care.   Nope.  My mom died this year.  My car was lost in an accident.  People went through hurricane Sandy.   People in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq and Israel and Gaza and Libya and shit.... everywhere have seen horrible things.   If the earth is to come to an end I say bravo, bring it on.

First I might find Ancient Aliens on History channel to be well done, and interesting, but I don't actually buy it.

This isn't to say some of it couldn't be true, or that it isn't my thing.   I just think that while there is much we don't know, and much that we know that is likely wrong, filling in the blanks doesn't actually get you very far either.

However Erich von Daniken for me was the best of the writers of the stuff... whatever you wish to think about it, or him.

We've been entertained by the Mayan culture otherwise too.

In movies with Apocalyptico

In comics by Jack Kirby, the ancient astronauts and aliens are looked at.

The comics medium looks at the end of the world too

So if it is the end, bravo.
If it isn't the end, oh well.

Find something to read, or watch, or listen to, and enjoy.

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