Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Bigger Bigot


The news in the comic world is flying that noted writer and famous "homophobe" Orson Scott Card is writing Superman and that his work is being boycotted by some and the artist on the work is leaving the work.

Back on my website PopThought I wrote that I wouldn't review an Orson Scott Card (OSC) comic because I disagreed with his views.   But I said I thought he had a right to have his views and to work and share his views.

But the world has changed.   As I've noted in previous articles, the word bigot spills out rather quickly in present culture when people disagree with another person's views.   And that immediately ends the discussion at hand.

For the record: I do not agree with OSC's views on Gay marriage, nor on Mormonism, nor on likely much, but just because I disagree with him doesn't mean I think he is a bigot.  

I think the world has found a way to stop thinking, it just labels the opponent a bigot, and then everyone smirks and hisses, and everyone on your side mocks that opponent and you all feel good.   But if diversity is strength, and I think it is, it means every idea has some worth, and every idea helps us find the best solution.

Labeling a person as a bigot because you disagree doesn't solve anything, it just stops the discussion.  And that makes you the larger bigot.

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