Saturday, May 25, 2013

Another So Called Bigot


Comedian Jerry Lewis doesn't enjoy women comedians.    It is true that he is old, and his humor has been dated for a long time.  He has made numerous faux pas in public, both regarding other people, and other ways of doing things.   His longstanding support of the MDA charity doesn't forgive those things, nor give him a blank check to be an asshole.

But if you read the enclosed link you'll find that the writer of the article suggests that we cannot accept such misogyny nor tolerate it.   Most of the comments are in line that he was never funny, he is an asshole, he is a racist or hates women, he hates gay people...

I don't believe that having free speech as an American means that I should say whatever I feel, or think, that I should be immune from response to words I say that do not accept others or condemn in fact others.   But that isn't what is going on.

Jerry Lewis was asked his opinion.
He gave his opinion.

The writer of the article and many people similar to her shriek the shrill cry of bigot thereafter.

How about this... instead of calling him a name and calling for people to not tolerate his views, how about allow people to think for themselves and disagree with his views but not destroy a person's moral or human character for being different than we are?

The problem in America is not the use of free speech.  It is the desire by some to limit anyone else's use of it, if it does not agree with their worldview.

Orson Scott Card was stained with the term bigot for not being aboard the gay rights and gay marriage train.   Protests surrounded his work and some sellers refused to sell his work, to "support" gay marriage and gay rights. 

To me if you buy his work you are buying a creative endeavor, and one that is unlikely to have a single thing to do with gay marriage.   I did not nor would I buy it.   It has nothing, whatsoever to do with the argument that he is called a bigot.   It is because he is not a writer who has work that I enjoy.

You might see me as Libertarian, but you should understand that my views come from the simple understanding that the moment you sling mud, the moment you shout bigot, when another person possesses a different view, you have lost all the moral ground.   So, for me it is a matter of honor to tolerate other views, accept other people as humans, who, like me, make a butt load of mistakes.

I like women, women comedians, and think gay people should be allowed to marry.   I don't think that is the issue.   I think throwing shit at someone you disagree with is worse, by far, than the views that the person has, that you disagree with.     That is, short of abject racism, which I think we can agree on, is evil.   And even there, I don't think we should kill or silence racists.  I think we should teach them the truth.

So in other words, Hitler Bad, Jerry Lewis old fashioned, Orson Scott Card a stinky writer.

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