Tuesday, July 9, 2013



There he is, the fellow who is making waves.

Orson Scott Card's works about the future and the internet come to the movie screen and he wishes that people will watch it, instead of holding his politic views against him.

You see, he opposes gay marriage, amongst other things.

I've mentioned him before and I am not trying to beat the dead horse, but, I am not defending his work, I don't like what I've read, nor his views, I disagree with him.   But, I live in a country where people have a right to their own views.

But, while I think it is wrong to call him a bigot or someone who hates others, because he is out of step with the majority, perhaps, I don't think it is wrong to say I won't support his work.   That is using your views.

So he has views.  Having a view is good, it is American.  Free speech is awesome.   There can be a consequence.   That is part of free speech too.   That isn't always pleasant, but it is the way things work.   If people perceive you to be an asshole, no matter how great you are as an artist, you will have a much harder time selling your work as a result.

So while I tolerate assholes pretty well, I won't be watching Ender's Game.   Because it really isn't my cup of tea.   But if you like it and don't care about the politics of the artist, enjoy.  If you don't like it, then see something else.   Be aware that the other artists probably have views too.

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