Thursday, September 19, 2013


Back to life, back to the here and now.

When I was beginning my time as a writer online, I tried to read every forum, read every comic, understand every news release, I tried to pay attention to the newest books released in the genres of horror, science fiction, fantasy… I tried to be aware of everything so that I would not become what I very quickly became, overwhelmed, outdated, and writing only about the things that I knew about, or trying to write about things I didn’t know about and doing so badly.   I grew tired, stale, of writing online, and my writing online made me weary of criticisms that were fair, usually mean, sometimes cruel.   People online rarely would say the same things in person that they do online, unless they are complete assholes.   And, there is of course that possibility, that I just wasn’t aware of the immense number of assholes in the world.   I know that having been published, having signed contracts with companies, both in comics and book publishers, some people think I know how to write, so I am not altogether believing the critics in every aspect of their criticism.   But I do take stock in the well meant and honest words, and do take stock even in the mean things, because if people don’t respect your views, they won’t read your commentary. 

But, I think I’ve been misunderstood.    I never really was a critic of the art of comics, I was a lover of comics.   I wasn’t as much reviewing them as suggesting these are my impressions after experiencing reading them.   My interviews weren’t hard hitting/cut to the bone, they were meant to expose a side of the creative talent that maybe had been ignored by other interviewers.   The fact that I like Larry King's interviews, that I grew up looking at JC Penny Catalogs and such should give you a clue, my mindset is to be happy with things, I am not interested so much in controversy…  I wasn’t there to criticize them or tear them new assholes, I was there to enjoy them.  

So why the comments now?   Well I am going to come back monthly or even twice a month.   I am going to read books and maybe comics, TPBs, and similar materials and tell you what I thought.   I might run some PR but more or less, I’ll be writing commentary on the industries of comics and books, probably not games or movies as I don’t really get much thrill from them, and I am going to try to do so, interestingly.  

Oh, and since my mom has died, I’ve grown more comfortable saying the word FUCK online.   I guess I don’t worry that she’ll see my words and tell me I have a dirty mouth.  

For those who don’t know my past I’ve written online in a great number of places, some for a while, some for a moment.   I began writing online under a pseudonym and did a great number of restaurant reviews.   These weren’t popular so much, but they were highly read.    Let me just say, as a fat guy, don’t mess with my food.  When I wrote something that the site owner took issue with I said he had a choice of publishing it or deleting my archive.   Well that was the last time I made a threat like that.

Then I had a chance to write a column about comics for a number of different retailers, but primarily Robin Goodfellow of Duluth Minnesota, a comics, books and games store.   It was great and a learning experience, and led to my column being picked up at and other larger outlets.  Eventually my work appeared, if only here and there at, and .   There are, in fact, more than I can remember.   The main body of work of mine has appeared at before Chinese hackers destroyed it.   After died, my work has appeared here at where we work towards doing things for the good of things, not the glory, or the gold.   I did over 200 interviews, reviewed or considered products from over 50 companies, and liked what I did.   But it was brutally unrewarding financially, and people who are in the industry look upon you as a welcome serving boy.   There are clearly those who don’t, but most don’t realize how hard it is to get through, while doing them the favor of publicity and service.

I’ve since moved into the creative world, and my poetry blog is found Here 
And my published works are found Here
And I have an author page at Facebook found Here

Publishers seeking reviews can contact me, but I am not open to JUST anything, it has to be a print product, and on my terms… contact me at for my mailing address and to see, perhaps, if it is worth your while to send me your product.

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