Monday, February 24, 2014



I was asked for an update from one of our readers, and I thought it was a good idea.  I have been told that the cancer is now either gone or so little as to be considered defeated.   I have to still get radiation for the coup de grâce.   I am not finished with the journey, but I nearly am.  Thank you to the many people sending kind wishes.  I am on the downhill side of treatment, and appreciate every kind deed, act and word.


I wrote a short comment and quickly deleted it a while back.   I had mentioned shysters and such and naming of names.   I deleted it but was asked why.   There are three reasons for deleting it, none of which will satisfy people wanting to know the names of the shysters.

The first reason was because I wrote the article in anger, and I rarely ever let myself do that.   I was in the throes of pain from cancer and treatments and thought I might inflict such upon those who had wounded me in this publishing life.

The second reason was I decided that it is bad form to spend time hashing out the issues in public.   Although in each case there are many reasons I was right, I couldn't offer a fair argument for the other side, and writing diatribes is just not cool.    I haven't been able to forgive the other parties, but I plan to do so.   And you won't read about broken contracts or shysters in my column here in the future.

The final reason was that while I do not mind, at all, promoting my work here, carrying out the dirty laundry and hanging it up for all eyes to see is tacky.    I am many things but I do not want to appear what I am not.

I reserve the right of course to change my mind, since dealing with others is always a fluid situation.   But I prefer to at least try to be free from flinging mud, feces or the truth at my former partners.

I still am writing, and have done so throughout my treatment.   I have two books in formatting and I expect to have more by the end of the year published.   Since I've been hosed people assume you just lay there wounded, but I am nothing if not determined to keep trudging forward.

You can find me here at Poplitiko of course but also at:

My short fiction blog
My poetry blog
I post at this comic book forum

Special Thanks go to a number of people.

Jason and Stacy Moser
Marc Kleinhenz
Chuck Dixon
JM Hunter
Peter Urkowitz
Paul Ewert
The Staff at Buffalo Hospital
The Virginia Piper Cancer Inst. at Buffalo Hospital

And of course all of my family and friends.

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