Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cancers are Gone

Hi, this is my last cancer update, well I hope so.  If cancer comes back then I'll be back telling you then I am fuckered for good.  There are different kinds of cancer.  Some are in your body, some are in your state of mind.  I had both.  Neither were invited, but both were horribly destructive and both caused me to lose almost a year of productivity and a great deal of hope and optimism.

Back in November I learned I had cancer in my body.   Most of my year prior however had been hell, and truly, the year before sucked badly as well.  I had unrelenting bloody diarrhea, pain, a fall in February 2013 that did terrible things to my hips, back and tailbone, I had migraines daily, my mom died in October of 2012, and other things happened.   But cancer was the real problem.  I could say losing my mom was worse, because of course no one wants to face death of a loved one, but she had alzheimer's and she was 86, and death, for almost everyone except the holy, is inevitable.

Beyond my health, and bodily cancer I learned of a different kind.  Following my taking back a project that had lingered for two years unworked on, a former business partner fired me from a different book the day before exploratory surgery, for cancer.  He didn't know I had cancer, my doctors thought I had a different kind (colon cancer) than the one I eventually was found to have (lymphoma), and my world was filled with angst, pain, and fear over dying.  I wasn't really in a mood to be fired so I referred to the event as being fired the day before cancer surgery, which it technically was.   But I no longer think it matters.  The real issue was working with someone who made many plans and never accomplished any of them.  I gave him more than one chance too, and for that I was the fool.  Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice ...

People have actually accused me of lying about having had cancer.  But they were wrong, and foolish.  I've come to terms with being called a liar about having cancer, because I know the truth, and so do the people who treated me. If anyone wants to make their accusations public I will sue for libel, and win, handedly.  I could, in fact, reproduce one of the letters from one of the people, here, and shame them, but I'll just keep it, in case.  It is a sad commentary that I have to do that, actually.

I was going to have a comic and two books done for Spring Con, which happens in May.  However, having a staph infection arise from the chemo, and that followed by radiation, my body didn't allow me the energy to complete my work portion of one of the projects.  And the partner in one of the others didn't complete his work, and quit.   That left one more, a more complicated project and both writers on the book took too much time, and I particularly got bogged down, so in the next month I'll finish my work and we'll send it to the artist.  I usually am ahead of the game, but in this case cancer kicked my ass.

I was interviewed by someone for a poetry and arts journal that didn't get a chance to start like it was supposed to do so.  So I am was allowed/encouraged/told to post it on my blogs and use it as I would.  Here is the LINK

As a creative person I hope to return to my past of constant work, and constant projects, but the thing about cancer, and the treatment, and how life throws feces at you, you cannot plan for it, it just happens.   So I have to be content to just be alive, and really, that ain't so bad.

I've begun to post rerun interviews over at LIFE AFTER COMICS and they are coming out about one per week.  Sure you could just look them up, but here you get them laid upon the table for your pleasure of reading as you will.   I had offered a similar situation to someone but they were confused thinking I was asking for compensation.  I just was offering free use, as are these for the forum LIFE AFTER COMICS.   I like Defiant 1, he is a very moral and interesting fellow.  I hope you stop by and show the site some love.

My work can be purchased in person at SPRING CON of course.  Or through the email.  Whatever you want.  Or hell use Amazon.  It doesn't matter to me.

You can find me here at Poplitiko of course but also at:

My short fiction blog
My poetry blog
I post at this comic book forum

Special Thanks go to a number of people.

Jason and Stacy Moser
Chuck Dixon
JM Hunter
Paul Ewert
The Staff at Buffalo Hospital
The Virginia Piper Cancer Inst. at Buffalo Hospital

And of course all of my family and friends.

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