Friday, July 25, 2014

A comfie blanket, a bowl of chicken soup, b/w television, and a cat purring on your lap.


Due to the death of my mother and numerous health events, I had to take some time off between October 2012 to the recent present.  I was fortunate to fight and beat cancer.  I had many friends and family who entered that fight with me, helping with prayers, financial gifts and time.

The two persons who most helped me were my wife Beth, and my son Jonathan.  And the list of others who helped is a mile long, and mile wide.

But I also took time to read and mentally recover during the times of illness.

Here is what I read:

Comics/TPBs by Jamie Delano.  You remember him, I just interviewed him here a couple weeks ago.  His work is dark, but as I said, I find him to be a joy to know, and his work, however dark, allows me to recreate in the fact that I am reading fiction, really well done.

I read books of prose and verse by Lord Dunsany : I am enraptured by the lush depth of the words Lord Dunsany writes.  My experience reading these books was nearly religious/spiritual.  He moved me deeply.

I played 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons with my son and my best friend Russ.  I wanted to be the one who taught my son to play, so that he'd be aware of the great things about the game, rather than the easy to point at false foibles of gaming with dice rather than a computer screen.

Ultimately, I recovered from the disease of cancer, but everything I did to recover involved love.  I love comics, I love prose fantasy, and I love sharing the tales with my best loved friends and family.

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