Friday, July 11, 2014


I confess... I am addicted... to ... H.P. Lovecraft books.  I have very little money and yet, whenever I see a cover of one of his books I am sorely tempted to buy it, and if I have money, it likely goes out the pocket for that book.

H.P. Lovecraft's work is largely in the Public Domain, so, people are able to grab my wallet, by publishing the same stories, in new shiny shiny covers.

Oh how I adore them...

I am a desolate man.

Here are a great number of covers to books, and you'll notice, many different covers, many same titles.  All of them are, to me, beautiful.

Oh how ruined I am from this addiction.

Those lovely books were my first glimpse of Lovecraft, and I was too young to understand their greatness.  However, as I grew up I did recognize how much I liked the stories and writing, despite certain modernity issues I brought into it as a reader.

Michael Whelan covers make any book beautiful and worth having.  I love his work. I bought all of them, bought them over and over again giving copies away, and still do if I can.

I have since found more awesome covers of Lovecraft works, and they leave me pennyless.

The company Prohyptikon seems to not have updated their page anywhere online, but I like their cover designs...

And lastly, with new covers and new collections out, a person drawn to the covers might go mad, just as Mr. Lovecraft might have liked it.


Anonymous said...

Alex, you could have much worse addictions. I believe reading does a person so much good. These books sound fascinating. Thanks for sharing this!

alex-ness said...

Thank you ma'am!

They are horror but from a dark ancient place, rather than a splatter blood everywhere scene.