Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going to War with a Sword of Wood: Chuck Dixon's new Kickstarter project

Chuck Dixon is a talented writer with an abundant imagination.  Here is your opportunity to support a project he is doing from the early stages.

What the hell is a Sword of Wood?  It would be hard to kill an enemy without an edged weapon, no?

It's a medieval horror epic. The sword of the title is very significant though that significance is a key reveal in the story so...

Satan’s army is a term you’d hear from a warrior or priest in the Crusades of history.  How related would this fictional army be to the enemies of the Crusaders in reality?

These are more spiritual, eternal enemies of Christianity taking physical form.

Writing a tale that takes place around or during the Crusades immediately raises questions about the current culture’s discomfort regarding Christian and Muslim relations.  That would even be true setting a modern work in the Middle and Near East.  My question is, do you anticipate problems with the reader responses?

I'm not writing this to be controversial. The Crusades are a backdrop. Most of the action takes place in Norman Britain.
Tell us about the story, what is the short story of the work?

A knight of the Crusades returned home to his manor and holding to find the land stripped of every living human. He learns of an army of the damned sweeping across the countryside while most of the best and bravest are away in the Holy Lands. The knight's family is gone and he's not certain if they're alive or dead or have joined this hellish host. He and his squire go in pursuit of them and find themselves in a war between the undead and the living.

Who is the artist and what artist who you have worked with before do they most remind you of, with regards to the art?

Esteve Polls is an artist I've worked with quite a bit. We did man With No Name and the Lone Ranger together and he's working on an upcoming arc of Winterworld. Esteve will do the homework and shares my interest in making this world of the past come to life. I guess the closest comparison would be to John Severin.

Are supporters of the kickstarter supporting a film, or a graphic novel, or, both?

These funds are to get the graphic novel finished.
Why Kickstarter?  What publisher would be utilized?   Or is that part of the Kickstarter, you are self publishing through the proceeds?

There are publishers interested. But in these days, the only way a creator owned project gets done is by self-funding like this.

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