Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sports as Entertainment: When Assholes Act Out, what do you do?

Carolina Panthers Defensive End Greg Hardy throws a woman upon a couch which is covered with guns and ammo, threatens her with various violent acts and refuses to let her go.  The woman does leave, eventually, calls the police, and her injuries are described as scratches and bruises.  Hardy has already been found guilty.  He has not been suspended by the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice hits his fiancĂ© and knocks her unconscious.  He is suspended for two games and is given a path to relief from criminal charges with a diversion program where men are taught not hit or abuse women.  When the general public see the whole of the event, via a security camera video from the hotel, not just mutual combat and a bigger stronger opponent striking a smaller attacker, they see the lies told, and the cover up.  Whether it was a lie or cover up is not the point.  As a result Ray Rice is indefinitely suspended, and is essentially banned from Football in the NFL (or CFL as the case turns out).

Adrian Peterson, Running back of the Minnesota Vikings punishes one of his children by a spanking using a stick.  He leaves cuts and bruises, and force the child to have a mouthful of leaves.  The child returns to his  home in Texas.  The child's mother takes the boy to a doctor, who considers the marks and wounds to be a result of child abuse.  The results are sent to a Grand Jury and returned with no indictment.  Then it is resubmitted and a felony charge of Child abuse is leveled, causing the player to be charged, and placed in jail, until he makes bail and returns to Minnesota.  The case is pending, and the smoking gun is not a video, but actual bruises and wounds upon the child.

The NFL has taken a hit from these events, but there is an article with a headline/title that says it all.

So in other words, they don't mind ignoring abuse towards women, they don't mind the abuse towards a child.  They believe it is in their best interest to make money.

I am not mentioning all of the above to suggest that you do not watch it.  Nor am I saying do not support their sponsors.  I am saying this:  The NFL does not produce sports so that the players are moral, and they are meant to be role models.  The NFL produces football for one purpose, to make money.

If you can live with that, then I suggest you keep watching.  If not, you can enjoy your Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and whatever else, doing whatever you choose to do.

Oh, you don't believe me?

Jerry Angelo: 'We knew it was wrong'




Paul Ewert said...

"Don't poke a sleeping rattlesnake, unless you are willing to be bitten."

alex-ness said...

As long as the bite is worse than its bark... no, that doesn't work...