Monday, February 9, 2015

The Source waters and the branches of the river

There is truism that, there is nothing new under the sun.  That is, everything comes from a previous source and follows a pattern or path that repeats a theme that was created eons ago.

Pygmalion, a play, and book by George Bernard Shaw refers to a poem by Ovid, from ancient Rome, about a sculptor who created a piece of art, and fell in love with it.  

A favorite work of art that I adore is Edward Burne-Jones "The King and the Beggar-Maid, is not only fantastic, but it tells a story that is said to echo to the present, but has tendrils that explains the basic story of a high classed person dealing with a lower class person, only to learn how magnificent the person beneath the assumptions of class is.

The 20th century has shown us numerous examples, in both higher to lower, and lower to the higher class movement.  As well, the examples of the higher class teaching the lower falls into gender separations as well, with men teaching women, and women teaching men, and to throw a curve, ... the 3 Stooges were taught by a Professor and his daughter.    If everything has a beginning, we can thereby trace it from the current stream back to the source.  Part of the great adventure of popular culture, we can find and watch and consider all of it.

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kurt wilcken said...

A couple more films to consider on this theme: BORN YESTERDAY, staring Judy Holliday and William Holden, about a ganster's moll whose boyfriend hires a brainy college professor to teach her ettiquite, and who becomes a whole new person.

And BALL OF FIRE starring Gary Cooper as a strait-laced academic who while doing research for an encyclopaedia encounters a gorgeous nightclub singer, played by Barbara Stanwyck, who teaches him a thing or three. The Danny Kaye remake, A SONG IS BORN, is also good.