Wednesday, April 29, 2015

And just imagine, Lord Dunsany invades Wildside Press

As many friends and readers of my work know, I truly dig the work of Lord Dunsany.  He wrote poetry, prose and non fiction works in a fashion that was unique and is no longer the kind of work that you might find anywhere today in popular culture.  No one today writes at all like he did, in any format or genre.  I can't altogether describe his style, a number of people suggest it is wordy, but I think it is neither too wordy, nor under wordy.  It is lush, exquisite, and beautiful.  OK, I guess I could/did describe it.  But in this world I think it is considered archaic.  But, perhaps, maybe if you think of it as prose with an ear for epic poetry you have it right.  I love it.


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