Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nooses and Words


Recently throughout the United States there have been incidences of racist acts of defiance, vandalism and violence.

There are of course many reasons for these.  Amongst them is the raging wave of assholes that our society has created.  Another reason is anger by some over the perceived "special" rights some people get to overcome the legacies of the past.  But mostly, in my opinion, these are cases where people are being cooked up, by the media, to feel a rage against a system of untruth.  Whatever the case, the academic, law enforcement, military and government agency involved, all find ways to address whatever event without addressing the event, and without telling the truth.  I believe the rage of the youth comes from a sense of anger at being lied to, even passively.  When you throw in all the other shit, like racism, privilege, and classism, you end up creating a house of cards that will fall, because it is not founded upon truth.

Am I blaming anyone?  No.  I think the reason for the attempts to create a language where blame is removed was to make language clear and to make language not the issue when people discussed or debated issues.  What we have now, in my opinion, is a lot of well intentioned people saying nothing and wondering why people can't understand what they are trying to say.

This lack of clear and direct language and lack of blame or assessment of failure makes change almost impossible.  Since Poplitiko has been about considering culture and this is throughout culture, on every side of politics, race, and gender, I do not see how it will change.  Until a great disaster destroys cultures.  They will have to rebuild culture or start over when there is nothing, and then things will change.  But I don't look forward to then.

Our society may have reached its peak.  If so we are bound to face a collapse.  I hope not.


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