Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Change and Transformation

Popular culture has accepted changing standards over the decades, even standards for what is good quality or bad, moral or immoral, evil or good.  Since the turn of the 1900s, when blacks had few rights, and other minority ethnic groups were seemingly invisible, we have since seen the light of how the inequality had harmed people.  Gay marriage has happened to our country.  People have the right to marry, regardless of the orientation of the adults marrying.  And there is a current discussion about gender in society, where definitions of such have broken down the walls of labels, and are working to make a person's gender more about how they see themselves than the equipment they were born with.

So we have seen new acceptance by society of race, gender, orientation.  And this is not always seen as good by social and cultural critics.  Religious people from a variety of faiths have decried many of the changes over time.  Social critics on the right, conservatives see the changes as being an unraveling of society, where the people demanding change and recognition of their status become the arbiter and judge of their own status, rather than society.  Individualism would seem to be a quality that the right would appreciate, since they prefer less government and less interference from government, according to their dogma.   But gender is an area that to some people is not an issue of choice.  (Strangely, the people who argue this argue that orientation is an area of choice when it is homosexuality.)  So, when Bruce Jenner announced that he was becoming Caitlyn Jenner, there were horrified screams, cheers, and confused looks of deer in headlights.  Some people cried foul when Jenner received an Espy award of courage. Since they say it was not courageous to do this, or perhaps not courageous to perform a publicity stunt.

Regardless of the award, I disagree that it was not courageous.  Perhaps it was not courageous worthy of an award, I am not debating that, but people who think it was easy really need to ask themselves if after a lifetime of being seen as a male athlete that changing into a female is somehow easy.   Society is changing, how far, how fast, I don't know.  But there is a ton of evidence for the change.  It is easy to see.  Where we go from here, I do not know.

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