Saturday, August 1, 2015

Introducing Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster website

In my life I've spoken freely about which writers I like.  Some inspire me, some are brain candy, some make me think, some are meant to expose me to new cultures, and some are purely and simply read for the pleasure of the graceful word.  For me Alan Dean Foster was the writer who wrote in a fashion that I couldn't put the book down due to the exciting stories, the new worlds he takes the reader to visit, and the adventures we were about to go upon.   I never read a book of his that didn't work for me, and in fact, when I wanted to read a book seeing his name upon the book would make me choose it, over any other author or intriguing book cover.  He was an author who worked for me and was a go to author.  This is important to know for another reason.  For a four month period in 1998 I had a hot gallbladder that needed removal, and it was a mystery until my beloved wife figured out, prior to the doctor of the day, that I had it.  I was awake numerous overnights, Alan Dean Foster's works (alongside Jack Kirby comics) were my sole company in the darkness.  In my last year, 2013 - 2014 through health trials and mysteries, when finding out I had cancer, I used the same healing  remedy, ADF books, lots of comics, and one addition, movies with my boy.

Above is an image showing new covers of the Star Trek logs books written by Alan Dean Foster.  The books were novelizations of the ST animated show from the 70s.  Below are many of the titles Mr. Foster has written, and please note the vast diversity  and remember, these are but a sampling of his work, there are far more to discover.


Alan Dean Foster also ghost wrote without credit, immediately 
at least, the novelization of the first Star Wars book.

On many occasions I have reported that MAD AMOS is one of my five favorite books.  I still feel that way and hope for a volume two.  I could suggest that people go out and pick up a copy, but I've bought many online and buy copies if I ever see them in used book stores, so I might have put a dent in the secondary market.  I would apologize if I felt bad about it, but I've given a dozen copies of it to people.  Most everyone I've shared with report that the book is a wonderful read.  So search heaven and earth to find it.  I think it is worth the effort.

I believe that creative talents share their gifts with the world when they work creatively.  So, I want to thank Alan Dean Foster for being so prolific.  I love his work, and so does my son.  I've passed down my love of the works of ADF, or maybe it was just the DNA working.

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