Friday, July 31, 2015

Presenting the vast talents of PAUL HARMON

In 2007 my life changed.  In 2005 after my brother nearly died my direction in life changed. I began to work in a different fashion, creatively, instead of in comic industry aimed journalism.  I was published, first by Viper Comics & Entertainment in Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch and then by a smaller publisher who published my book A LIFE OF RAVENS with my poems and short prose, illustrated by 27 different artists. Artist Paul Harmon was in both projects with me.  His work stunned me from the beginning and I've never grown tired of it.  I love it.  I prayed for the comics industry to set him up in the world of comics, in the industry or he'd be scooped up by animation or games, but they didn't listen.  I love his work, he is a beautiful human being, and someone I like quite a great deal, a friend, and I'd say publishers in comics really should chase him down, throw money at him, and say PLEASE take our money and do a book for us.

His first work that I loved, especially visually MORA

Find him here:

Flickr Paul
Deviant Paul
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Paul told me that he loved the TMNT and while I don't,  I bought these books because his work is worth my money... and I was very pleased with my purchases.

Just a look here, this is the stunning opening page from the Sasquatch collection we did, the title of the story "Primitive Eternal" 

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