Monday, August 17, 2015

The Midnight Crusader--- MOON KNIGHT

In the dark of night he is in his element ... Moon Knight.

Often called a Marvel Comics analogue to DC Comics Batman, Moon Knight is similar is some ways, he is a millionaire, he has a steady assistant, Frenchie, similar to Alfred, and he hunts the night and the creatures of the night like the Batman.  But his origin is supernatural, involves a deity, and eventually draws the character into a cycle of life, death, and renewal.  He has a past of fighting werewolves and uses silver weapons, (similar to his costume).  But, as can be assumed, the Marvel Universe is considerably different in how it functions, versus the DC Comics universe.  Moon Knight interacts with and within the world that is affected by others, but Batman can both participate in DC events, yet seem to be all alone in Gotham.

Moon Knight's adventures, irrespective of any other company, any other character have taken many forms, from wide ranging adventure, crime fighting, mystery solving, and monster hunting.  Moon Knight can be a striking character painting against the skyline of the night, and he has a fan base.  It is perhaps not large, but it has been well served.  It would seem to me that of all the characters Marvel has in their stable, Moon Knight and his environs would make a great movie, and perhaps with the werewolf hunting part of his past, you could make it a horror story.  


One of the best aspects of the Moon Knight works has been 
the works of Bill Sienkiewicz and David Finch.

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