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Hi-ho hi-ho it is me again, the ever ebullient Alex Ness

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I decided to make a big notice for my recent works, since if you read this page you may possibly have an interest in my work.  If not, that is ok too.  We all have our own taste.  Also, I've received a number of e-mails with many questions so I thought I'd answer some questions too.  If you are interested in sending your own e-mail to me, you are welcome to do so, AlexanderNess63 @


In the last 18 months or so, 5 books have come out with my name on them or as a portion of them.  Many of my recent books are published through Uff-Da Press.  Head honcho at Uff-Da is Josh Brown, and I thank him for his bringing my work to the eyes of others.

Visitations into Sidhe and Tir na nOg: This is a collection of poems written seven years ago from a perspective of how people dying or passing into different areas of life, go through the Celtic realms of death, faeries and the ever youthful lands.  It is illustrated with some lovely images from the Pre-Raphaelite era, and it is inexpensive with beautiful artwork within.

King of Ages was an anthology, again by the ever-loving Uff-Da Press. The beginning premise is quite interesting, Merlyn and King Arthur are immortal, but, die and are renewed, being born to different ages of humanity.  My work was one that I enjoyed writing, very much.  As you might be aware, I've written a number of times about King Arthur and related myths, this was a work that falls directly in there.

Cthulhu: Catastrophic Discoveries is a book by Josh Brown the head honcho of Uff-Da, but he is also a fine writer, and myself.  We wrote prose, some verse, about the nature of events that happen when people encounter horror and weird new life forms.  Usually the life forms are found in hidden places, but sometimes, they are as close as your backyard.

Samurai: Cherry Blossoms Fall I had written a number of short stories, haiku, and gathered quotes and laid them out before my friend, not yet publisher Josh Brown.  I said, I want you to join me on this.  He practices martial arts, and is a bright fellow with a number of shared interests with me.  He said Ok, you got me, let's do this thing.  With quotes, pics, poems and short stories featuring Samurai, we compiled what I think is a good work together.

Sorrow of the Cthulhu Spawn is a work that uses a number of forms to achieve its goal.  In it I wrote poetry in the style of people of the age responding to the horrors they encountered, each of which were Cthulhu in nature.  Another form was as a "found document", or, the prose writings of people who never expected to have their words be read by others.  And lastly, there were straight forward prose entries dealing with the horrors of Cthulhu and his children.


Do I still have cancer?  No.

I heard that artist ______ screwed you, is that true?  Old wounds are ripe for forgiveness, and anyone screwed is usually a participant in their own screwing.  I, however, have no comment.

Are you going to SDCC? I plan to attend the year my son graduates from high school and my son's graduation from high school year is I think, 2017.  So, I hope so, yes.

You turned your many blogs to Hiatus, is Poplitiko going on Hiatus as well?

No, there will be no hiatus here.  I am at the end of a long journey healthwise, and I found myself diverting myself from writing book related work by blogging.  So, to get a better equilibrium I am taking a couple months off from each of the blogs.  (See below for list of blogs.)

A lovely person asked:  Didn't you know that chemo will kill you faster than cancer?

Sure, keep smoking that sort of legal green grassy stuff.

Why don't you review more current comics?

I review only from hard copy and few send those.  Sorry.

I really hated _______ because of ________ and you interviewed them and didn't ask them the hard questions.  Are you afraid to ask them or are you fluffing them?

No fluffing, but, I confess that I really don't care about a lot of the things that seem to spin the world of comics, books, games... I am not a cynic or even much of a critic except in the area of social movements.


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