Thursday, September 24, 2015

In Celebration of the works of: Artist TIM WHITE

Because one of my favorite authors is Alan Dean Foster, and another is HP Lovecraft, I was exposed to the work of Tim White.  I loved his work, and soon began to seek it out. That is a very common occurrence, you begin one pastime and it intersects with another, and then you've enlarged your area of interests.  In my case, I thought some of the Tim White work I liked was Michael Whelan's (a future spotlight) due to the color use, and liked very much the covers of another set of books, the Cthulhu/Lovecraft books, and didn't recognize the work as Tim White.  So, for me, I was enjoying the work of Mr. White in one area, but also, two other areas, simultaneously.  I encourage you to click the pics to enlarge them, and just take a look at how bloody awesome, huge, insanely detailed, thought provoking, brilliant they are.

Tim White
Born 1952, UK

Painter illustrator, book covers and interiors

Encyclopedia entry at ISFDB

The Science Fiction and Fantasy World of Tim White (1981)
Mouches (1983)
Chiaroscuro (1988)

Visit Tim White's personal Website

This is perhaps my favorite science fiction based artwork ever,

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