Friday, September 25, 2015

Spotlight upon: Horror and Comics Painter Dan Brereton

I was first exposed to the work of Dan Brereton with his painted work on the awesome mini-series Black Terror from Eclipse Comics.  Written by Beau Smith and Chuck Dixon, the work was moody, dark, and really hard hitting.  I didn't quite know what to make of Brereton's art.  The figures and shadows, the colors and anatomy were all fine.  I had no issue with the overall look, but, as you can see here, as you click each image, the art is distinctive, and, there is no one else in comics or art in general who paints works that looks like Brereton's work.  That to me is a positive thing.  But, as you might expect, the cookie cutter popular culture does not find it easy to find a fit for his work.  Rather than change the art though, I highly appreciate the using the art when the story and product is right.  The genre Brereton seems perfect for is horror.  I own his work, so I do consider myself a fan.  Not a fan in the sense of buying everything blindly, but close.

He has a website where you can keep track of his work, his appearances and his various media and I suppose auctions.  If you like his work go to Dan  Brereton

The comic Giantkiller was written by Dan Brereton as well as illustrated by the man.  I loved it.  And, without cast aspersions elsewhere, a movie about a certain ocean rim, involving monsters and robots reminds me A LOT of the look and feel of this.  Not enough to be a clean swipe mind you, but if you liked Pacific Rim, you should like this. Or maybe it is just me.

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